Woolacombe Bay Hotel

Digital Marketing for one of North Devon's most loved hotels and spa.

Digital Marketing
Woolacombe Bay Hotel
About the project

Woolacombe Bay Hotel, a cherished family-owned establishment since the 1800s, stands as a beacon of hospitality on the North Devon coast. With a rich history that includes serving as a War Office during WWII, the hotel has been a welcoming haven for global travellers since its revival in 1987.

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Project information

In their quest for a digital marketing ally, Woolacombe Bay Hotel discovered Big Bear through organic search, seeking a partner whose values of trust and honesty mirrored their own. The hotel's need for a reliable marketing agency to enhance its online presence led them to Big Bear, known for its exceptional service and support.


The primary challenge was finding a marketing partner capable of delivering transparent, effective results. Woolacombe Bay Hotel required a team that could not only understand their unique needs but also execute a successful digital strategy.


Big Bear initiated the partnership with a comprehensive audit of the hotel's marketing channels. This allowed for a deep understanding of existing strategies and the development of a tailored approach. Key actions included:

Implementing a quarterly strategy for consistent, adaptable digital marketing efforts.

Conducting a detailed social media audit, leading to targeted content strategies and proactive engagement plans.

Launching integrated social media ad campaigns using the hotel's existing assets for maximum efficiency and reach.

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SEO increase
Return on Ad Spend
YOY revenue increase


The collaboration led to significant improvements in the hotel's digital marketing performance:

  • Notable increase in room bookings, restaurant reservations, and spa treatments, particularly during the traditionally slower autumn season.
  • A 147% year-on-year growth in revenue within the first three months.
  • Enhanced digital presence across multiple channels, driving increased traffic and engagement.

Lessons Learned

This project taught Big Bear the importance of deep data analysis for revenue generation. The shared insights fostered a strong, honest relationship with the hotel, enhancing both strategy and outcomes.


The integrated digital efforts by Big Bear significantly boosted Woolacombe Bay Hotel's market presence and revenue, laying the foundation for a promising, long-term partnership.

Woolacombe Bay Hotel
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