Top 3 Reasons Why Your Luxury Hotel's Digital Marketing Needs an Audit

Hotel Marketing

February 6, 2024
Top 3 Reasons Why Your Luxury Hotel's Digital Marketing Needs an Audit

When it comes to digital marketing of luxury hotels, trying to navigate this endless digital world of possibilities can be quite overwhelming. Paid ads, various campaigns, SEO, digital PR, social media, email marketing, and the list goes on. All of these digital activities bring great value, however, how can hotel marketers make sure their activities are bringing real value?

Digital marketing analysis is a crucial part of understanding what strategies, channels and campaigns work for your luxury hotel, and which ones simply take up your time, and aside from unnecessary stress, don’t bring much to the table. This is where digital marketing audits come into play to provide hotel marketers with valuable insights to help them make data-driven decisions when reviewing their strategy and priorities.

What Is a Digital Marketing Audit?

A Digital Marketing Audit is an in-depth analysis, that involves a lot of data, which is then organised and used to make conclusions and relevant recommendations. At Big Bear, we offer digital marketing audits, which revolve around different aspects of your hotel’s digital marketing activities, depending on your needs. By separating it into different audits, we make sure hoteliers don’t get data paralysis after receiving a document with an endless number of pages. Quite the opposite, the data from our audits is easy to digest, understand and implement. Alongside the data on the hotel’s digital marketing, as well as its current and historical performance, an in-depth competitor analysis is also included. Allowing luxury hotels to see how their marketing efforts are performing and what their competitors are up to.

What types of audits can Big Bear offer you?

SEO audit + competitor analysis

This type of audit highlights how your SEO efforts are impacting the business while revealing any missed opportunities when it comes to keywords and optimisations. It also showcases how you measure up against your competitors by looking into the keywords, they rank well for, as well as valuable SEO strategies that you could apply to your own luxury hotel. And of course, to ensure no background issues are hindering your SEO success, we audit the technical side of your website by reviewing its speed, as well as accessibility and performance, highlighting any errors or issues that need to be addressed.

PPC audit + competitor analysis

PPC audits review the performance of your paid ads, as well as the current set-up of your Google Adwords. This audit will bring to light any errors and missed opportunities within the set-up.  Big Bear is a trusted Google Partner, therefore the insights you receive will be up to date, including relevant recommendations on recently released features and updates. All in all, utilising the information and recommendations from this audit will help you optimise the performance of your ads even further, while ensuring your PPC budget is being spent in the best way.

Website performance and user experience analysis + competitor review

Website and User Experience audit offers you valuable insights into the performance of your website, revealing any critical errors that can hinder user experience and accessibility. This type of audit includes valuable insights and guidance on ways to solve these errors. On top of that, we also review the websites of your competitors, to see if you are missing out on any key elements that could uplift your website, boost bookings and provide an overall better experience to potential guests.

Social media audit + competitor analysis

Our social media audit provides you with a deep and insightful dive into the performance and effectiveness of your social media activities, content and strategy. We also provide recommendations on what can be added to your content strategy, as well as review some of your chosen competitors and how they treat their socials.

3 reasons why you may need an audit to evaluate your digital marketing efforts:

It helps you make sure your time and efforts are in the right place

By auditing your digital marketing efforts we get to learn which channels are performing well and which ones need some additional attention or should not take up your time at all. By figuring out your top-performing channels we give you recommendations on ways to optimise them even further.

Audits highlight any underlying issues that might be hindering your digital marketing efforts

An audit can shine a light on any underlying issues that make it difficult for your digital marketing efforts to reach their full potential. By highlighting important errors and issues, as well as providing guidance on solutions, we eliminate any background detriments that hinder your digital marketing activities and even user experience.

The competitor analysis reveals untapped opportunities

Knowing what your competitors are doing is always good if you wish to stay ahead. Especially when it comes to understanding what keywords they focus on and what content they offer to potential guests, be it ad copy, SEO pages and blogs or social media content. All of these competitor-based insights will give you information and give you leverage.

To conclude, a digital marketing audit is a great way to gain insight and ensure that your efforts are driving bookings and brand visibility. It allows you to see any background issues that make it harder to reach desired conversions, as well as learn of any untapped opportunities to help you get an edge over your competitors in the dynamic luxury hospitality industry.