5 Reasons Why You Should Include Blogs in Your Luxury Hotel Marketing Strategy

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April 15, 2024
5 Reasons Why You Should Include Blogs in Your Luxury Hotel Marketing Strategy

Blogging is a type of content marketing that allows businesses to share valuable content relevant to their brand with their target audience. Although blogging can sometimes be overlooked by marketers, it offers many benefits to luxury hotels who wish to improve their discoverability online. According to statistics from Demand Metric, businesses who actively create blog content on average receive about 67% more leads each month, than those businesses that don't blog. And based on Hubspot statistics, businesses that blog get 55% more website visitors than those that don't. Establishing a strong digital presence is essential for any industry, however in the fierce world of luxury hospitality, it becomes even more important, when trying to get ahead of your competition, so read on and see the top 5 reasons why you should start blogging for your luxury hotel. 

Benefits of blogging:

Improved SEO 

Utilising blogs within your hotel’s website offers a great opportunity to target new keywords, as well as provide fresh content to your audience on a regular basis. Blogging also increases your website's organic visibility by positioning your website as a relevant answer to any queries your target audience may have. So by creating content around questions that you know potential guests commonly have, you get the chance to appear on top of search engine results pages, when they are doing their research on hotel stays in your area.Aside from being a great way to leverage different keywords, regularly adding blogs to your hotel’s website shows Google that your website is still active and relevant. Fresh content encourages Google to crawl and index your website pages more frequently. Which is very important, because if Google doesn't index your website, it will be detrimental to your efforts of trying to rank in the top positions, as your pages will not be shown at all. So write captivating content that you know potential hotel guests will find valuable, and in return receive the SEO benefits for your hard work. 

Blogs are a great place for storytelling

Storytelling offers a great opportunity to build trust and show off your hotel’s unique charm to potential guests, and what’s a better platform to do it than your own blog! However, painting the picture of your luxury hotel can be done in more ways than by talking about your values and services. A good way to encourage the potential guests to book a stay is by explaining that choosing your establishment will allow them to experience much more than just exceptional service in a beautiful hotel - they will also get to enjoy all that your location has to offer. By writing about your local culture, customs, events, beautiful nature or bustling city hotspots they must visit, you help your guests relate your hotel to the area they want to visit, thus making your brand the number one choice for their travels. Telling the story of the factors outside of your hotel that may interest visitors, also feeds into our 1st point. Writing comprehensive guides and sharing information on the charming things within your location will also help you be more discoverable. As some guests may not be aware of your brand yet, however they are interested in visiting your area, therefore by providing them with valuable content that also tells the story of your hotel, you get to reach more people within your target audience.

Blogs can be repurposed

Blogs also offer a great way to be efficient with your marketing efforts, because once you have written that piece of valuable content, you can reuse it throughout different digital channels where your luxury hotel is present. This could include social media platforms, like Instagram and LinkedIn, as well as TikTok, where the written blog content can be used as a script for your hotel’s short format videos. Aside from the world of social media marketing, blog copy can bring great value to your email marketing strategy. This is due to the fact that  some of your subscribers might not have seen your blog yet, but are interested in your hospitality brand enough to subscribe to your newsletter. This is also a great way to remind your previous guests that you exist and share valuable information that might encourage them to come back and stay at your luxury hotel.

Great place for link-building

Internal linking, as well as backlinks play an important role in SEO and improving your website's authority and trustworthiness in the eyes of search engines. However, creating internal linking opportunities can oftentimes become a challenge, as it needs to be done in a natural way that makes sense within your content. This is where blogging comes in to save the day. By writing blog posts on various topics relevant to the services and amenities available at your luxury hotel, you get to create new internal linking opportunities interconnecting your hotel's website. On top of that, by creating informative and valuable content, whether it's about your hotel, its internal affairs or your location, you increase your chances of gaining valuable backlinks. Content that encases valuable information can encourage other brands and businesses to share your content with their own audience and link to your website when relevant.

A way to showcase your hotel’s internal news and build a loyal community

Last but not least, blogs provide the perfect opportunity to share what is going on in your luxury hotel behind the scenes. Showcasing a more personal side of your establishment helps build a loyal community and increases customer trust. So don’t be scared of writing blogs about exciting news within your hotel, introducing key team members, as well as talking about your mission and values within your blog content.

All in all, leveraging the power of content marketing and blogs within your hotel's marketing strategy is a clever and effective way to achieve many things from one piece of content. And although the art of writing a good and informative blog, that follows your brand guidelines and truly represents your luxury hotel can be time consuming, this investment of time and effort will bring a great return of brand awareness, SEO benefits and help you build a loyal community of guests.