Why Should Guests Choose Your Hotel?

Hotel Marketing

December 11, 2023
Why Should Guests Choose Your Hotel?

Choosing the right hotel for their stay isn't always an easy decision.  

Our job as marketers is to ensure that your hotel has a unique proposition and offering that makes you the number one choice for hotel accommodation. We have to turn it into a no-brainer decision for your guests and make sure that you are the number one choice in your area.

There are many reasons why guests should choose your hotel, but some of the most popular reasons include:

-The location of the hotel is convenient for guests who are visiting the area for business or pleasure.

-The rooms are comfortable and spacious, with all of the amenities that guests need to have a relaxing stay.  

-The staff is friendly and accommodating, always available to help with anything guests need.

-The hotel offers a variety of amenities, such as a fitness centre, business centre, and pool.

-Guests can enjoy a delicious meal at the hotel restaurant, or order room service to have a meal in the privacy of their  own room.

-The hotel offers a shuttle service to and from the airport, as well as to popular attractions in the area.

Choosing your hotel means that guests can be assured of a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

Whats the best way to be the number one choice hotel?

You have to be offering something that a guest can fall in love with, something that they desire and that they can't get anywhere else in your area.

If you can have a unique offering, something that stands out above and beyond you have already got the competition half beaten.

So how do we create something unique?

Take a long hard look at yourself. Are you offering something that is truly different? Come on be honest, now is not the time to let egos get in the way. Can your guests get this from anywhere else?

It may be that you pride yourself of having that very best service or it could be that you have an award winning restaurant within your building, but that all feels a little 'should already have this' vibe about it.

How about being the hotel that is eco-conscious, dog friendly, utterly luxurious, the hotel where guests leave with a free houseplant, the hotel where that by booking with you means £20 gets donated to the local food bank, the hotel that is disability friendly . . .

These are just flung out there, top of the mind ideas but each one of them I would guess would be very unique if someone in your area offered it. Depending on where you are and who you are competing with will determine what will set you apart. Having a nice hotel with good service is just the start. You need something that your guests will tell their friends about, something that is so romantic, cute, amazing, luxurious or so utterly unique that it needs to be shared and 'you have to stay there if your in town'.

The best way to distinguish yourself is through the character and voice of your hotel. Having distinct values that flow through your whole experience is important. All the way from a social media post through to the day of checkout, your values and voice should shine through and leave guests no other choice but to book with you again.  

Shout about what makes you different, tell the world about the free house plant initiative or the amazing themed airport transport.

Be bold, be different, be something that no-one else has.