What Is Employee Generated Content (EGC) And How Can It Help Your Hotel’s Marketing?

Hotel Marketing

April 8, 2024
What Is Employee Generated Content (EGC) And How Can It Help Your Hotel’s Marketing?

In the world of omnipresent marketing and the highly competitive luxury hospitality scene, it can be difficult to showcase your brand in a more unique and authentic way. Leveraging Employee Generated Content can offer a powerful way for hospitality businesses and its internal teams to advocate for your luxury hotel, showcasing its unique charm online. 

What is EGC

The three-letter abbreviation EGC stands for Employee Generated Content. This type of assets refer to content created and shared by employees of a business, including but not limited to the luxury hospitality industry. EGC can encompass a wide variety of visual and written content, including photos, blogs, team testimonials, videos, and manifestos. This type of content helps luxury hotels showcase the behind-the-scenes part of the brand, as well as provide potential guests with a closer glimpse into the team's culture and values.  

How is EGC different from UGC?

Both Employee Generated Content (EGC) and User Generated Content (UGC) are similar in their essence of showcasing a more authentic side of your luxury hotel, instead of the exclusivity that professional photographers and videographers convey. The main difference between the two is their sources. User Generated Content originates from guests and visitors, who capture and share the experiences during their time at your luxury establishment. Meanwhile, Employee Generated Content is created by your employees, who get to share their unique viewpoints, many behind-the-scenes moments, as well as personal stories related to working at your luxury hotel. A great EGC example would be your restaurant’s chefs capturing behind-the-scenes of coming up with seasonal dishes, your hotel’s reception staff sharing insights into the exceptional service levels your team strives to provide, and many other pieces of content giving guests insight into the internal parts of your luxury hotel.

What parts of marketing can you apply EGC to?

Employee Generated Content is a great addition to your hotel’s overall marketing strategy and can be presented in an omnipresent way through different marketing channels. For example, when it comes to your hotel’s social media presence, encouraging your teams to capture imagery and videos from different parts of your hotel will allow you to give potential guests a glimpse into what happens at your luxury hotel beyond the luxury and exclusivity. This type of content could also include your team members speaking about their expertise, sharing local knowledge and even memorable guest interactions on video. This can help you give a more personal feel to your brand, making it easier to engage your target audiences and expand your organic social reach.  

Another example of leveraging EGC within your hotel’s marketing could be through utilising it on your website. Aside from imagery, this type of content could include employee-written blogs, team testimonials and insights into your hotel’s mission and values, showcased through a more personal lens.

What are the benefits of EGC?

EGC offers a variety of positive additions to your hotel’s online presence and marketing strategy, such as:

  • EGC helps you showcase your hotel’s authenticity and charm by showcasing real experiences and perspectives from your team members. This helps foster trust and credibility among potential guests. 
  • Involving your employees in content creation and making them a part of your digital brand presence provides teams with a sense of ownership, pride and loyalty, as they are shown that their voices, experiences and perspectives are valued.
  • Employee Generated Content, similarly to UGC, is a highly cost-effective way to attain valuable content. This type of assets require minimal financial investment, making it a great opportunity for independently owned and newly-opened hotels to build their media galleries. 

Overall, incorporating and encouraging employees to capture EGC can bring many benefits to your luxury hotel’s marketing strategy, as well as its overall online presence. Utilising content crafted by your teams can help your brand appear more authentic in return improving engagement on social platforms and amplifying visibility. And providing your employees with a way to advocate for your brand showcases to both internal teams and potential guests that your luxury hotel doesn’t just take care of its guests, but its team members, who are the ones to make the exceptional guest experiences happen, are just as valued.