The Importance of Images on Your Google My Business Profile

Hotel Marketing

February 10, 2024
The Importance of Images on Your Google My Business Profile

What is Google My Business and Why Does Your Luxury Hotel Need It?

Google My Business is a valuable tool that enables you to create a business listing. This ensures your luxury hotel’s profile appears in Google Maps, as well as local Google Search results. This tool also allows you to edit your hotel’s Business Profile, which can also exist on its own, but without a Google My Business account, you will not have the ability to edit and manage the information that appears on your profile.

The Business Profile offers great value, as potential guests can use this as a way to research their stay at your luxury hotel. Former guests also have the chance to leave reviews, add photos, ask and even answer queries. On top of that, The Business Profile sometimes gets populated with insights that Google pulls in.

On average hotels have the highest number of photos on Google My Business compared to other businesses

When compared to businesses in other industries, hotel business profiles display a much higher number of photos. This further highlights how important visual proof is for businesses in the luxury hospitality industry. Pictures showcasing your rooms and facilities allow potential guests to see all that you have to offer and can start imagining and planning their stay with you before they even make their booking. Through visual proof of high-quality services and beautiful interiors, you get to create an aspirational image of your hotel.

What are the benefits of photos on your luxury hotel’s business profile?

  • They help you build brand awareness and recognition.
  • Visuals help increase engagement by showcasing what services, facilities and rooms your luxury hotel offers.
  • Photos of your hotel build trust with potential guests, as it allows them to get a real feel of your luxury hotel’s premises.
  • Visual proof of high-end interiors and quality amenities create an aspirational aura around your hotel.

What photos should hoteliers post on Google My Business?

When it comes to luxury hotels, it’s important to showcase the essence of your hotel, consider posting pictures of:

  • Hotel’s exterior - capture imagery of your luxury hotel’s exterior from each direction, making it easy for guests to recognise it.
  • Hotel’s interior - take pictures that showcase your rooms, bathrooms, on-site facilities and every other part of the hotel that make viewers feel like they can really feel the atmosphere of your luxury hotel. This includes any special details, artwork, seated areas or any other quirky corners of your hotel.
  • Services - showcase the services you provide at your hotel, whether it's spa treatments, fine dining, gym etc.
  • Food & Drinks - Food can sometimes be the denominating factor when choosing a stay. So make sure to showcase all the tasty meals, treats and drinks on your business profile!
  • Team photos - Showcase your team and embrace the people who make the stays of your guests extra special! Adding this personal touch to your Business Profile makes potential visitors feel closer to your luxury hotel, increasing the likelihood of bookings.

Some tips to enhance the visuals on your business profile:

Encourage UGC (User Generated Content)

Encourage your guests to share the photos they have taken during their stay. UGC is a great way to build trust and showcase how the hotel looks from a former guest’s perspective. If you wish to learn more about UGC, read our article on the value of UGC for luxury hotels.

Utilise photo categories to make it easier for potential guests to find what they’re looking for

Google My Business profile makes it easy to keep your images organised by providing different folders to categorise your visuals. This brings great value by making it easy for your guests to find what they are looking for.

Include seasonal photos

Including images from your luxury hotel across the whole year allows potential visitors to get a feel of your hotel and especially helps when they are planning their stays to celebrate special occasions. It’s crucial to provide visitors with some images of what the hotel looked like during Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter and other summer and autumn celebrations.

In conclusion, images are crucial if you wish for your Google My Business Profile to attract potential guests. Showcasing the exterior, interior, services, facilities and even your team helps build trust and brand recognition.