How Often Should I Post on Social Media

Hotel Marketing

March 18, 2024
How Often Should I Post on Social Media

In the fast-paced world of social media, where various trends are created and appear overnight, one burning question plagues marketers of the luxury hospitality industry: "How often should I post on social networks?". It's a commonly misunderstood part of successful social media management that has left many scratching their heads, trying to strike the perfect balance between staying engaged with their audience and avoiding the dreaded overexposure, forcing audiences to feel spammed and overly-advertised to. The answer to this question is not one-size-fits-all, and it can often change over time when platforms like Instagram, TikTok or Facebook update their best-practice guidelines or add brand-new features.

The ideal posting frequency depends on a multitude of factors, including your goals, target audience, the platform you're using, and even current trends. This is why at Big Bear we always recommend focusing on the quality of your content over the quantity, because even if you follow the top posting frequency guidelines, poorly produced content will not interest people, especially not in the competitive luxury hospitality industry, where every little detail matters.

Consistency over frequency

Posting frequently on your social media platforms is important - after all, if you are not capturing people’s attention on social media, your competitors most likely use this opportunity to their advantage. Therefore, it is important to show and remind people that your hotel is, in fact, alive, thriving, and has a lot to offer. However, frequent posting does not equal uploading content on social media daily. Many hotel marketers believe that posting frequency is the most important factor of achieving social media success, however, it is not the most sustainable approach. It is crucial to post as much as you can, while still ensuring you can stay consistent throughout the year, as well as upkeep the high standards of your luxury hotel’s brand. By prioritising quality and consistency over posting frequency, you will build great rapport within your community, who will know that your next post will be something they won’t want to miss. Those hotels that post sporadically, especially if their only content is based on promotions or sponsorships, will lose the trust of their audience over time.

Need more reasons to prioritise consistency?

The algorithm likes consistent posts

Popular social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube all have one thing in common - algorithms that love consistency. This means that accounts, which post regularly, instead of posting every day for a month and disappearing for 3, will be favoured by the algorithms, resulting in better discoverability. This is why it is important to have a posting schedule and stick to it. Consistency helps luxury hotels on social media reap great benefits because the main goal of these platforms is to keep their users engaged and on their platform for longer periods of time. Therefore if you are able to provide them with valuable content regularly, the algorithm will reward you for your efforts with higher reach.

Your audience will remember you better

When you regularly showcase your luxury hotel on social media, including all the amenities it has to offer, your audience will start expecting to see you on their feeds. This leads to greater brand recognition, as well as improved engagement and a stronger community. All of these factors lead to a higher chance of your followers becoming potential guests, who after seeing your beautiful hotel, top-level services and premium facilities, will consider you as their go-to hotel. And considering the sheer volumes of content your audience sees every day, consistently putting out content and staying on top of their minds is a great victory in the competitive luxury hospitality industry.

Using scheduling tools for regular posting

Although the dynamic world of social media can appear intimidating and overwhelming, various scheduling tools have made staying consistent in your social media efforts easier than ever. By creating upcoming content in bulk and scheduling it for the rest of the month, you remove the stress and disorganisation of having to create a last-minute post.

Maintaining a consistent posting schedule is one thing that should come easily with the help of Content Scheduler within Adobe Express. Content Scheduler allows you to plan out your social media posts for the foreseeable future and schedule them to publish automatically to your social media channels at your chosen times and dates. As a result, you can prepare a week, a fortnight, a month, or even more content in one sitting, and then sit back and relax as Content Scheduler publishes for you and keeps you active on your social media channels.

Staying on top of special dates

Including special dates into your content calendar can make it much easier to stay consistent with your posts, while also providing great value and showcasing any promotions at your luxury hotel. Creating content for special occasions throughout the year also makes it much easier to prepare content in advance, allowing you to schedule it early on and not leaving you to worry about what to post on the last day.

On top of that, talking about various celebrations early on helps you make sure that your social media campaign gets to its full potential. Although social media does pick up quickly, raving about any special offers or events early on helps you make sure that your community got the chance to see it and consider it, as the majority of people plan their special celebrations, like Christmas, Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day in advance, meaning that a last minute post will more than likely only capture a small portion of your audience, who has decided to make a last minute booking.

To make it even easier to prepare and schedule content for various special occasions, have a look at our 2024 marketing dates calendar, which highlights all special occasions important for the luxury hospitality industry.

All in all, consistency and quality always triumph over the quantity of your posting. As we mentioned previously, posting poorly produced content, which doesn’t resonate with your audience will bring no positive results, and can only push your followers to unsubscribe and unfollow your accounts. So focus on consistently producing high-quality content, which showcases the essence of your luxury hotel, impressing potential guests and making competitors turn their heads.