Google Performance Max for Travel Goals - is it worth your time?

Hotel Google Ads

February 24, 2024
Google Performance Max for Travel Goals - is it worth your time?

As a Luxury Hotel Marketing agency partnered with Google, we are always on the lookout to add new tools released by Google to our own digital kit. One of such valuable tools is Google Performance Max for Travel Goals, which utilises AI, making it easier for hotel marketers to reach even more potential guests through various formats and channels. We have successfully integrated this type of advertising campaigns into some of our clients’ advertisement strategies.

So let’s have a closer look at how this innovative paid advertising campaign can help hoteliers spread awareness about their luxury hotels while driving direct bookings.

What is Google Performance Max for Travel Goals?

Performance Max for Travel Goals is a paid advertising campaign, that leverages the power of artificial intelligence to drive more hotel bookings by targeting potential guests through multiple channels. It was first released in March 2023, following its predecessor Performance Max, which was introduced back in 2021. This new type of campaign is specifically tailored towards the travel and hospitality sectors, mainly focusing on driving hotel bookings, and taking into account travel-related questions, while considering trends and seasonality in the sector. The goal of this new campaign is to help increase your luxury hotel’s brand awareness and bookings by reaching people through a variety of digital channels.

Who sees your ads?

The beauty of Google Performance Max for Travel Goals is that it showcases your ads in a broad and versatile way across various Google products. It utilises such channels as Gmail, Maps, YouTube, Search as well as the Google Discover feed, thus providing great reach and spreading awareness of your services. This is beneficial not only for the hoteliers but also for potential guests, who as their travel planning becomes more efficient and easier.

What are the benefits of Google Performance Max for Travel Goals for your hotel?

It utilises Google AI

Performance Max for Travel Goals allows luxury hotels to leverage advanced machine learning and AI to drive bookings and increase brand awareness within groups of discerning travellers. This advanced machine learning makes it easier to target relevant audience, as well as help you increase the efficacy of your ads.

Increased visibility

Google’s Travel Goals campaign utilises a wide variety of different channels, which makes it easier to attract new audience members. Such is because different groups of people engage with ads differently, and the ability to spread awareness about your luxury hotel through various channels makes it easier to leverage and tap into different user behaviours when engaging with different Google products.

Access to valuable insights

Data and analytics are crucial when reviewing campaigns and their success. The insights of PMax for Travel Goals campaigns can be easily tracked, including such information as impression rates, clicks, conversions and more.

PMax for Travel Goals offers a dynamic way to advertise to potential guests by implementing videos. Such creative assets are a great way to attract visitors, who get to see a high-quality sneak peek of what your luxury hotel is like, helping them start building the excitement about their upcoming stay.

Google Performance Max for Travel Goals is a valuable tool for luxury hotels that wish to improve their online visibility and reach new potential guests. By introducing this advanced AI-driven campaign into your paid advertising strategy you will effectively boost brand recognition while driving direct bookings and maintaining an edge over other luxury hotels in this competitive industry. However, the most effective way to utilise this campaign is alongside display adverts and remarketing campaigns, allowing you to reach an even larger pool of potential guests. This is a valuable tool no matter which way you decide to go about managing it.

If the world of PPC seems like too much to manage and you are looking for some support, Big Bear is a trusted Google Partner, with broad practical experience in setting up, implementing and managing various ad campaigns for luxury hotels.